Lessons Learned--Grace's Secret: A review

A review of my latest book, Lessons Learned--Grace's Secret has been submitted to The Daily Nonpareil. You can read it below!  " know that you can't change the past, only the here and now." Grace Freeport is a well-respected school teacher in the frontier town of Omaha.  She thoroughly enjoys working with each of her thirteen students but her past still secretly haunts her. On a typical November day in 1874, the school day begins as usual.  However, the weather quickly changes with a little snow, and temperatures are plunging with the wind accelerating.   For a classroom with children, the weather can be frightening, and when their teacher steps outside to access the weather, the impending storm is terrifying for everyone. Fortunately yesterday, Grace had taken the precaution of running a clothesline from the school to her home.   She is well aware of storms in the plains and knows how quickly a blizzard can become dangerous.   Leaving a note of their lo

Freebie in November

Hey all. October is a tough month for me for many reasons so I am celebrating November's arrival by giving you a freebie. So from November 1-November 5th you can download Gold in My Pocket for nada, nothing, zip! Click on the link or look it up and enjoy. Then check out the sequel- Cooking Up Trouble at the Peabody Palace and my other fun, clean, books. Jewell.
Lessons Learned is now available from Amazon books. Please check it out!

Glenwood Rocks!

A special shout out to the ladies from Glenwood's Read Between the Vines. I had a terrific time on Thursday evening visiting with you and talking about the writing process. Thank you.

Summertime heat

This month of June has been exceptionally hot. We've seen temperatures in the upper nineties which is a full 15 degrees hotter than normal. But enough of that. Today I am offering my fun diary GOLD IN MY POCKET for a mere 99 cents. Get your copy today!

A Fabulous Friday and a Surprise!

Hello! I wanted to write a brief post to share with you one of the happenings in my middle school History classroom. This past week, I shared with students the story of Henry Box Brown, a slave who mailed himself to freedom. In the photo below, the tape on the floor represents the dimensions of the Henry's box. Here, a student tries to become small enough to fit into a square the same size as Henry's box a cramped five feet, ten inches. Henry had a 27-hour journey to get to freedom. History comes alive in Mrs. Tweedt's classroom! Now for the surprise! My book, A Lady for the Lawman , has been chosen as a finalist for this year's Grace Award in the category Action/Adventure/Western/Epic Fiction. Wow! I am so honored and excited! You can get more details about the Grace Award and other books named as finalists here: Happy Easter, ~J

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all you sweethearts. I appreciate your kind words and reviews. A special shout-out for LuEtta Mason. I was tickled to get your valentine note. I am so glad you loved A Lady for the Lawman. Today be sure to tell your loved ones how you feel. Thanks to Dan Desive and his staff at eSpark Media for a terrific presentation on social media at the RAH meeting yesterday.