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Hot Monday!

Okay, so it is March 26th and 83 degrees in western Iowa. What gives? No, it isn't global warming!

Why do we have to do this?"

"Why do we have to do this?" is a common question teachers are asked. Sometimes the answer is simple. To practice. To practice is to improve, to grow to new levels, achieve standards or reach a particular goal. Just as students need to practice their skills, writers do too. So today I am practicing. I am practicing on this blog and practicing as I edit the second book in my Back to Omaha series.

Later I'll go outside and practice my yard clean-up skills. Ugh. Happy Saturday.

A crummy day, but good evening

Today was one of those days you just get through. My students were dazed with spring fever,it's 75 degrees when it should be about 50 and they, I mean we, are dreaming of summer vacation.

My Gracie is still under the weather so I stopped at the vet's for another round of meds. When I got home though the proof for my paperback version of Faith of the Heart was waiting for me. While it needs some work, it was still thrilling to hold MY book in my hands. After some tweaking, it will be ready to go on sale through

A long awaited book review of Faith was in our local paper and that was fun too. Then a girl friend called and offered to host a book signing party for me. Maybe things are starting to jell.

Have a great rest of the evening. I plan to write a bit more on Faith's sequel, Still Faithful.

Blustery Sundays

The wind is blowing and I think about "The Ides of March" arriving soon. I just washed Gracie (my terrier) and she is snoozing at my feet. Bath time is exhausting for her.

I am at a difficult spot in my sequel and keep putting off writing. Why is it that when a person is so close to finishing a big project they seem to freeze? My  psychology background would say it was a fear of  failure- or maybe of success. Hmmm.