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Heading North

A wedding is always a wonderful occasion. This week-end my nephew will make the transition from bachelor to married man. He is so very excited.

Please wish him well.  


Sale on Faith of the Heart

Good morning,
Love cowboys, Civil War times, inspirational romance?
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Coyotes in the back !

I live in a suburban area of a large town. Behind my house are several acres of soybeans and corn. Last week , about 8:00 PM, I walked through the fields and was screamed at by a red-tail hawk, saw deer in the corn, and a small pack of  coyotes hunting.

I've often heard the coyotes howling and my little terrier stands at the fence mesmerized, when they do, but this was the first time I actually saw them. Three were hunting in the soy beans while one stood watch on a knoll. When he spotted me I started backing up slowly.

He watched me carefully until I was no longer a threat. It was a very cool experience.

Try altering your path and see what you discover.

Happy 5th of July!

The neighborhood is quiet, my dog has stopped trembling, and all is well in her world. I hope yours is too!

Olive Branch signing

Thanks to all of you who came to the signing last Saturday. Lorna  Seilstad  and I had a great time meeting you.