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Summer days

Ahhhhh! Kids live for summer vacation but so do teachers! It's Tuesday and I'm doing chores with the windows wide open and the sweet morning breezes wafting in. Later today I will get to work on a query letter but for now it's laundry and errands. Later alligator!

Wrapping up a school year

This is the final week of classes for my middle school. as always I have mixed emotions. Yes,I'm excited to have time to focus on my writing but I also will miss many of my students. I attended high school graduation yesterday and was amazed to see how my former students have grown and matured. I barely knew many of them. Time does march on! Have a great week.

Prairie Piecegoods Booksigning tomorrow

Enjoy Florence days and shop the unique Prairie Piecegoods shop. 8611 N 30th St., Omaha, Ne. Saturday May 12th. See an array of gifts and books by local authors.