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Days twenty-thirty

Days eighteen and nineteen

New lower prices on e-books!

One of my goals this year is to save money. I figure others might want to do this too so I have lowered the price of my e-books to $2.99. Now you can own all three for under $10.00. So if you've been waiting to buy now is the time. Thanks and tell your friends. I'd also appreciate you  posting reviews if you've enjoyed them.

Days Twelve through Seventeen

Yup- I got behind again. here we go...

I'm catching up on posts.

Okay, I knew it would happen. I got behind on posting and reflecting so here we go. Reflections for day seven-I suggested going to a new place in town so I did. I stopped at a small antique store called Murphy's Bay in Council Bluffs. It was delightful as was the owner, Becky King. If you live near there, stop in. It is located off Madison Avenue near the Goodwill.

Day eight-Break the reading rut. As a writer I try to learn about my craft. I started a great book by Omaha author Cheryl St. John called Writing with Emotion, Tension, and Conflict. Already it's been helpful.

Day nine. Operating your vehicle. I learned how to operate the seat warmer. Very nice in this cold weather!

Day ten. Exercise your creativity. I'm enjoying cross-stitching again. Evenings stitching are good for lowering blood pressure too.

Day eleven. Change in style. By shopping in my closet I have put together a couple of new outfits. Cost=$0. That makes me happy!

Days Nine through Eleven

Day Eight