Days twenty-thirty

Day Twenty- Add some variety to that daily walk.
As you get stronger, go a bit further. I’ve been slowly increasing my time on the treadmill. I started at twenty minutes and now I’m up to thirty minutes and I’ve increased the incline a bit. If you are walking outdoors, take another route, go up and down hills, anything to keep it fresh. Walk with another person if you can. Take your children. The time goes so much faster and it’s a good way to hear what’s going on in the lives of others.! And the sense of well-being is great!
Day Twenty-One- Try a new grocery item.
Check out the organics section of your grocery store and buy one new item to try. Today I found an organic brand of tea that looks delicious. It was only a few cents more than my regular brand. Next time I’ll try a different type of yogurt. Couldn’t hurt and it was fun to wander through the aisles.

Day twenty-two Turn off the cell phone.
Go outside to play with the kids or the dog. In an old episode of M*A*S*H Dr. Sydney Freeman advices a grumpy group of medics, “Take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice!”
Day twenty-three- Chuckle at the antics of others.
Grab the daily paper and read the comics first. Peanuts always makes me smile with Snoopy’s antics and the gang playing baseball. I love the wisdom of Linus. Maybe you prefer Garfield or Dagwood Bumstead. 
Day twenty-four-Call an old friend from high school.
Share a good laugh over the silly things you did together.  Hearing their voice is better than reading their words on a social media site. Guaranteed to make you smile.
Day twenty-six-Dust off your wedding album and look through it with your spouse.
The memories of that special day might just bring a few smiles. Who says you have to wait until your anniversary to reminisce?
Day twenty-seven-Invite friends over for a casual evening.
Make a pot of stew or chili, heat up some crusty rolls and plug in a good movie. We enjoy classics from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Casting was suburb! Or pull out the board games or cards if you prefer.
 Day twenty-eight- Write a note and mail it.
In this day and age of tweets, emails, Skype, and Facebook people rarely get paper mail yet I still notice they comb through the mailbox looking for something good. So jot a postcard or scribble a couple of paragraphs to someone who’d love to hear from you. You’ll have fun imaging their smiles when they read it and you’ll make someone’s day. Not a bad trade-off for a couple minutes of effort. 
Day Twenty-nine.Do something fun for you!
Sleep in, stay up late, take a bubble bath, go window shopping. Whatever  you want.
Day thirty- Reflect on the past month.
If you kept a journal read back through it. Take stock of where you are. I expect my clothes to be a looser and my muscles to be a bit firmer. I also expect my eyes to be clearer and my smile a bit wider.
THE REST OF OUR LIVES  Review notes as needed, write our own assignments. We are in charge of making ourselves happier. Not our spouse, not our children, not our friends, Us. And now we know how! Class dismissed.  


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