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Reaching goals

My favorite quote for helping me sit down and write is by Alan Shepard. I keep it posted on my refrigerator.

"Have you worked toward your dreams today?"

Well, have you?


How to find time to write.

Lately people have been asking me how to find time to write. The answer is to turn off the television. Easier said than done. I love old movies and old sitcoms. I can waste an entire evening ( and still do) watching episodes of M*A*S*H. I have a special fondness for Rifleman too, if you can believe that.

Try to write for a while first, then reward yourself with your favorite activity. At the end of the day you'll have words on a page. Those words are what get you to the next words, and the next. Keep your butt in the chair and eventually you'll finish your article, story, book, whatever. So stand up, reach for the remote and shut it down.


Windy Thursdays

It's windy, it's cold and still February! I spent the entire day grading exams and posting grades for the end of our second trimester. It is rewarding to see evidence of learning and improvement from the previous trimester with several students. Snuggle up with hot tea and a good movie tonight.
I plan to.

Rainy Mondays

There's an old Carpenter's song, "Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down." Well today I'm feeling pretty good. It's my birthday and I got through an entire day without having to hear the tired old birthday song. Hope your day is good too.

Faith of the Heart (Back to Omaha Adventure) by Jewell Tweedt |

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog. If you love stories of faith, hope and western romance this is the place to be. I will be sharing stories that touch my heart and hopefully will touch yours. I love the humor that often goes along with those traits and will share the funny things I experience as a middle school teacher and newly published writer. I will also share portions of my new book, Faith of the Heart, in diary form and give you peeks into its sequel, Still Faithful. So grab a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of iced tea (my favorite) and come along for the ride as this technically-challenged, middle-aged, middle school teacher continues her journey into the wild unknown.