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Gold In My Pocket is available now on Kindle and Amazon books!

Please take a look at my latest book, Gold in my Pocket. It's set in Black Gulch, California in 1850 and is full of adventure, danger, and romance. Meet Laura Webb who's about to find out she is tougher and smarter than anyone has ever given her credit for and ends up using every ounce of  her savvy to survive.

With gold in her pocket and a pistol in her hand, watch out miners- Laura's coming for her share!

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Gold in My Pocket is almost here! So I am giving away free e-copies of Still Faithful this week!

I am happy to announce that my newest book, Gold in My Pocket will be available by the first week in June in print and electronic formats.This is in a diary format and I had so much fun writing it. I've never kept a diary so it was interesting to invent my fictional town of Black Gulch, California and write about Laura's struggles as she travels the Oregon/ California Trail only to arrive in a horrific mining camp and be deserted by her gold fever striken father.

 Read her thoughts as Laura survives by using her wits and domestic skills carving out a life for herself and her pony Sugar Pie in a man's world.

I hope you'll come along for the adventure. To celebrate and introduce my writing I am giving away e-copies of Still Faithful today through May 21st. Get yours and follow the adventures of spunky young women whose exploits aren't predictable. Thanks,