Gold in My Pocket is almost here! So I am giving away free e-copies of Still Faithful this week!

I am happy to announce that my newest book, Gold in My Pocket will be available by the first week in June in print and electronic formats.This is in a diary format and I had so much fun writing it. I've never kept a diary so it was interesting to invent my fictional town of Black Gulch, California and write about Laura's struggles as she travels the Oregon/ California Trail only to arrive in a horrific mining camp and be deserted by her gold fever striken father.

 Read her thoughts as Laura survives by using her wits and domestic skills carving out a life for herself and her pony Sugar Pie in a man's world.

I hope you'll come along for the adventure. To celebrate and introduce my writing I am giving away e-copies of Still Faithful today through May 21st. Get yours and follow the adventures of spunky young women whose exploits aren't predictable. Thanks,



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