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A New school year has launched!

A new year has launched and I'll be busy juggling my author and  teacher hats. I am super excited to announce I've been offered a contract for my second book Still Faithful to be reworked and retitled.

Also in the works is the new book Cooking up Trouble at the Peabody Palace. I hope to publish that in the next three weeks. Stay tuned and here's hoping for cooler weather.


Teachers as Writers

Release date announcement!

As many of you know I have contracted with Prism Book Group to rewrite and publish Faith of the Heart. Well, I now know the release date is November 4th. It will have a new title, cover and maybe even a new pen name for me. Anyway it's been a long process and I am excited to see it nearing completion.

More information will be relayed as it becomes available.

Meanwhile I am finishing up the companion diary to Gold in my Pocket. Cooking up Trouble at the Peabody Palace is the fun diary of Anna June who is always sticking her foot in her mouth as she stirs up delicious meals as the Palace's new cook. Watch for this latest creation in September.