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Happy New Year!

This year I am so thankful for many reasons: my folks who are world travelers returned safely from their latest adventure in Africa, my husband and I celebrated 24 years of marriage, I still enjoy teaching middle school students, I published two books with Prism Book Group and I am celebrating 20 years of being a cancer survivor! God's hand in all of this is so plain to me. I wish you all a blessed 2016. Never stop learning!

Christmas Faith and Hope and a New Goal...

Merry Christmas!
I am so looking forward to Christmas. My book, Christmas Bells, is a beautiful story of faith and hope at this special time of year. My goal is to reach 1000 readers. To meet this goal, I have Christmas Bells ebook on 99 cent special from now through Christmas Day, December 25th. You can purchase your copy on Amazon at: If you could also share this link and help me reach my goal I would be so appreciative!

Blessings of Christmas,