My Reflections of Days 1-3

Day One- Be kind to yourself.
I started a new diet/exercise plan yesterday. At lunch I found myself eating corn chips. Instead of scolding myself I put them away. Later I walked an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill and was proud of how I handled things. It was a good start.
Day Two-Buy yourself a little gift.
While grocery shopping I purchased two small gifts: A bottle of blueberry-pomegranate  juice and a box of my favorite blend of K cup decaf coffee. Okay, I admit I did try to justify the cost of the coffee,that stuff is expensive, but I found a coupon for it so that sealed the deal. Happy, happy!
Day Three- Buy someone else a small gift.
Today was a frigid day and I didn’t leave the house. But I did something special for my husband. I roasted a turkey and made a complete dinner with mashed potatoes, stuffing-the works. He was thrilled to come home and have a hot home cooked meal. So I guess making someone a gift is as good, if not better than buying one, at least in this instance.
Bonus: I have enough leftovers that I don’t have to cook tonight!


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