Days Twelve through Seventeen

Yup- I got behind again. here we go...

Day Twelve- Discover a new recipe and teach yourself to prepare it.
 If you’re like me you have several cookbooks but make the same thing over and over again. Recipes are everywhere- cookbooks, magazines, internet, food packages. Last week I was staring at a pound of ground beef,  my eyes glazed over. I stepped into my pantry and somehow my hands grabbed onto a box of onion soup mix I don’t even remember buying. On the back was a recipe for meatloaf. I made it and my husband raved. Cha-ching! Another recipe for busy nights. I can throw it together and do something I want while it bakes. Throw in potatoes to bake while you’re at it. Happy, happy!
Day Thirteen-Unclutter one small area of your house (and your mind while you’re at it.)
I know, I know, all these women’s magazine tell you how to simplify your life by uncluttering your entire house and then provide links to buy expensive storage boxes and baskets. Whew. I’m more stressed then when I started. Forget that. In five minutes you can clean out that kitchen junk drawer or your dresser drawer.  Just do one small area. The sense of accomplishment will amaze you. Give yourself permission to stop there but I’ll bet you’ll keep on going…
Day Fourteen-Learn to say a prayer at all meals.
 We should be thankful for all graces given to us. It’s a nice way for our families to appreciate all God has done for us. Children need positive examples .Try it, we all need to give appreciation for our blessings.

Day Fifteen- Start a food journal.
Write down everything you eat for the next two weeks. I tried this and was amazed at all the candy I was consuming. No wonder I have a muffin top. I put away the candy dish. Hey, it’s a start.
Day Sixteen. Decide to take a walk after dinner. Every day.
As I write this it’s 20 degrees and there’s snow on the ground so I’m heading downstairs to walk on the treadmill. I don’t like doing it but I will feel better once I am done. You will too. 
Day Seventeen- Consider your portion sizes.
The women’s magazines are full of articles on how to lose weight. Lately the advice is that we should view our plate as divided into sections. One half of the plate should be leafy greens and fruit, one fourth lean meat, one fourth whole grains. I’m going to give that a try. Oh yes, I’ll fill my plate at the counter so I won’t be tempted to take seconds.


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