Days Nine through Eleven

Day Nine. Operate your vehicle more effectively.
Do you know how to use all of the features of that car sitting in your garage?
I bought a new car this summer, the first one in ten years. It has so many features and technologies on it I can barely operate it. I was feeling overwhelmed the other day when it dawned on me. I don’t have to learn everything about it all at once. Now I have the owner’s manual on my nightstand. I try to read a little about it each night. Eventually I’ll know how this big machine operates. Today I actually turned on the cruise control and used it correctly! Hurrah! It’s the small victories!
Day Ten- Exercise your creativity.
If you’re like me you have several craft projects in a box somewhere. I can think of three in-progress cross stitch projects and at least two embroidery projects I’ve started. Now that it’s winter I spend more hours indoors parked in front of the television. I’ve started working again on some pillow cases that I’m making for a relative’s vacation home. I’m learning to relax and letting my brain be creative. When the cases are done they will be a nice thank you gift for letting me use the place. This makes me happy thinking about it.
Day Eleven- Learn to accept something a bit different.
 Change your style of dress a bit. Try a color you don’t usually wear. Or that accessory someone gave you but you haven’t worn. I’m not a big fan of scarves. A couple of years ago I received a bright colored one as a gift. It hung in my closet for well over a year. One drab February day I needed something to cheer me up. At the last minute I threw it on. I got so many complements at work (that felt good) that now I’ve been wearing a scarf about once a week. My style is more polished and I feel more pulled together. 


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