Really really late

I haven't posted in weeks. I simply forgot. Today I congratulate Paula O. for winning an autographed copy of Still Faithful from Lena Nelson Dooley's website.

Paula it is on it's way to you in sunny warm Georgia. Watch  here for book three coming in early summer. It is yet untitled.



  1. Hi Jewell, I have loved reading these books, I did a review on , I have a brother living in Omaha and will send these to his wife who is a reader and loves history.
    My heart went out to Cal who had so many problems after his war experiences. I am sure many are like this. so sad.
    thanks for sharing the book
    Paula O(

    1. Paula,

      I am so happy you liked the books.I am glad you were the one to have won them. It's neat that your brother lives in Omaha, I was just there this morning.

      Thanks for your goodreads review, I'll look it up.I am on book three to tie up this little series. It should be out this summer. I don't have a title yet, I am looking for suggestions. The main character is Grace who has a love relationship with Billy. She's a teacher with a past she can no longer keep hidden. Any ideas? I want to use faith in the title.

      Again thanks for your kind response.


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