Thirty Days, Thirty Ways to a Happier You

Hi Everyone,
Today I'm starting a new feature.  While on vacation last week I had time to think about what makes people happy. I've decided to compile a 'lesson plan' for happiness that works for me. maybe it will help you. I don't claim to be a mental health expert, just a person who has survived some pretty strong challenges in her life.
Hope it helps you too.


Day One –Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.
Decide today to be kind to yourself. Be gentle, forgiving .Acknowledge that you are human, we are human and when we make mistakes, and we will, we must forgive ourselves.. Learn from it and MOVE ON.
Recently when driving to Okaboji I got impatient with a slow motorcycle ahead of me. I followed him for several miles on a highway just itching for a chance to pass him. I was fifteen miles from my destination and I wanted to be there. Now.
I passed him going 80. As soon as I did I started berating myself. You know’ the dialogue “What if you hadn’t made it…and that was really stupid”. I came up to a stop sign and the cyclist pulled up behind me. I hadn’t saved any time at all.    
I resolved right there to stop calling myself stupid and be kind. My internal dialogue went something like this “Okay, that wasn’t a good idea. Thankfully no one was harmed. Next time don’t be in such a hurry. Pass when there are better conditions.”

This week’s assignment: When you find yourself being negative-stop. Talk to yourself and others kindly and gently.


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