Come meet Lorna Seilstad Saturday at the Olive Branch

Saturday June 28th Lorna Seilstad and I will be signing our new books at the beautiful Olive Branch gift shop. Lorna writes for Revell. Her new book is "While Love Stirs," and my latest is "Gold in my Pocket- A Gold Rush Diary." Come visit us from 1:00-3:00 at 19278 Conifer Lane in Council Bluffs.

A special note of thanks to Ogden Salon for hosting me Saturday morning and for the lovely ladies of D.A.R. that I met Saturday afternoon. Lunch was delicious and I enjoyed meeting you.


  1. Gold and Love can't ask for more then that...would love to meet you ladies but no where near my little corner of the world. I know you will have a great time with the fans though. good books and great authors make it happen.
    Jewell love the cover on that Christmas story, the sun on the snow and your name in the shadow makes it neat. Hope I get chance to read it and the others you mentioned today by yourself and Lorna. I love to read.
    Paula O(

  2. Hi Paula,
    ask your local library to carry the books. Or check out Amazon for print or digital copies at very reasonable prices. Tell your friends about the blog and ask them to join.
    Best regards,


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